We don't know about you, but we've noticed that this year's holiday hair trends seem to be leaning towards modern spins on classic styles that really showcase the wearer's personality. This ravishing rocker-girl side swept braid and curl combo - aptly named the “Holiday Hearbreaker” – by the talented Sarah "Allison" Gee from the Aveda Institute Calgary is certainly no exception!

The Steps


1. Start with a Base

The foundation of your style is key. Take a 1/4 inch curling iron and curl your entire head, with the curls going away from the face. For a looser, wavier effect, use a 1/2 inch or 1 inch curling iron, or if you have naturally textured hair, skip this step all together.


2. Lock in the Curls

Keep the curls locked and frizz-free by using Air Control Light Hold Hairspray all over the hair. This will prep the hair for the half-up style we will be doing, as well as add a polished effect to the rest of the curls. *If you kept your hair’s natural texture in step 1, make sure to use the Be Curly Curl Enhancer for hold and shine.*


3. Create Volume

For more drama and flair, take small horizontal subsections, spray the roots with Control Force Firm Hold Hairspray and backcomb with a Teasing Comb. Focus on the crown and on the side of the head which will have all of the cascading curls. *Feel free to take a super deep side part for an even edgier look.*


4. Polish the Look

To avoid having a frizzy mess after creating tons of volume, brush out the outside of the hair with a Teasing Brush very gently. Preserve the backcombing by not completely brushing out the inner roots of the hair. *To tame even the smallest fly-aways, spray the Teasing Brush with hairspray before brushing.*


5. Add the Braids

Now it’s time to start the intricate work. On the smaller side part of the head, divide the hair into 2 subsections horizontally. For both subsections, French braid to the round of the head (mastoid) and finish both braids to the ends of the hair. Then, take an equally sized vertical subsection starting from the nape, and French braid up to the top of the head (apex) where your previous braids end. *Make sure to secure the braids with elastics.*


6. Create the "Hearts"

With all 3 braids completed, pull out strands of hair slightly from the outer parts of the braids. This will make the braids look fuller, and mimic heart shapes. *For a more defined heart shape, do Dutch braids instead of French braids.*


7. Create the "Rose"

To add a cute and feminine touch, twist the ends of all the braids into a bun at the top of the head and secure with bobby pins. When twisted together in a bun, the braids will look like a rose. *For a cleaner look, take the elastics out of the ends of the braids before creating the bun and pinning into place.*


8. Customize the Look

Create your own special take on this side swept look by adding more braids, changing the style of braid, or doing whatever you feel will make it your own. In my look, I added a bit more volume in the front so the pieces of hair on the hairline fall nicely in front of the face.


9. Add Texture

To finish off the style, spray Texture Tonic all over and scrunch the hair. This will give it a piece-y, unkempt effect, which emulates that rocker-chic feel. Polished, yet wild and free, and ready to party!


“I wanted this hairstyle to emulate my model’s lifestyle and personality; professional, but with a bit of a wild side. This look made her feel glam and polished, yet unafraid of having the time of her life. I hope with this tutorial that people can easily recreate a similar look, and not feel overwhelmed when trying to tackle the more difficult parts. I loved having this opportunity to be creative, and I can’t wait to see all of the holiday looks this year!”

Sarah “Allison” Gee – Aveda Institute Calgary


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