In addition to coating each strand of hair, making it feel fuller, color —when placed correctly— can make hair look fuller, too. If you’re already using Invati Advanced, you’re well on your way to thicker, fuller hair. 


Aveda Artists worldwide can help you realize your dreams by providing you with professional color that maximizes the texture of your hair, too. Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Hair Color, sheds light on how a hint of tint can make your hair look fuller instantly.


1. Keep the root area a little darker. “This makes your hair look more solid at the scalp, especially if you’re a blonde, and it works well with the darker-root trend right now,” Ian says.

2. Don’t overdo it. “If you’re going blonde, be careful not to go too light,” Ian says. That can make your hair look thinner, especially if you go for ashy tones, which can appear scalp-like.

3. Highlight strattineegically. Keep the highlights finer through the top of your hair and chunkier underneath, Ian says. “This gives hair a bulkier look overall.”

4. Keep your ends slightly darker than the rest of your hair. Light ends look especially thin and can make your whole head of hair appear that way, too.

5. Keep your hair in good condition. “Nothing makes hair look better than being shiny and conditioned,” Ian says. “That doesn’t have to mean sacrificing color. Our new Full Spectrum Demi+ Custom-Deposit Treatment Hair Color will create shine that can make your strands look less skimpy.”