When your hair is thinning, visiting the salon for a routine trim — or even a blowout — can be stressful. It doesn’t have to be, however; your Aveda Artist can help transform your hair with a few cutting techniques or styling tricks. We spoke to Global Artistic Director for Hair Cutting Ricardo Dinis and Global Artistic Director for Styling Allen Ruiz about their tips, dos and don’ts when it comes to thinning hair.



  1. Cut in bangs. It immediately shortens and thickens the hair at your hairline. If your hairline is receding, a very deep fringe (starting further up the forehead) may be advisable.
  2. Add layers either all over, or just in areas where the thinning seems to be the worst.
  3. Be aware of what’s going on in your life to contribute to hair loss. “A healthy diet can have an impact on how hair, skin, and nails look,” Ricardo says.
  4. Go for a blunt bob, some graduation, or a shorter look all-over (though you don’t necessarily need to go Pixie). All of these styles make hair look fuller.
  5. Use new Invati Advanced. Both Allen and Ricardo agree that daily care is important, and Invati Advanced makes it easy.
  6. Pick the right products. When styling, Allen likes to prep hair with either Pure Abundance Style-Prep or Thickening Tonic.
  7. Grab some rollers. For extra volume, Allen recommends heating up a section of the hair, then slipping a Velcro roller under it. Let it cool, then set the body with Control Force™ hairspray.



  1. Towel-dry your hair too aggressively or pull your hair back tightly in the same spot day after day.
  2. Wait too long for style. “I always tell people with thinning hair that the longer you let your hair air dry in a towel, the worse off you’ll be,” says Allen. “Thinning hair dries super-fast and if you’re seeking volume or fullness, you need to build it into the hair before it has a chance to dry flat.”
  3. Don’t use a high speed when blowdrying. “Use medium heat and a low airspeed and start drying at the roots before moving onto the mid-shafts and ends,” says Allen.
  4. Keep the hair too long, which will increase the appearance of thinness and appear flat.
  5. Overly layer hair. Layers remove weight and will make the hair look thinner on the ends.
  6. Cut your hair too short. This could make your scalp visible.
  7. Ask for a razor cut or thinning shears; these techniques can make thinning hair frizzy and shapeless.