Give your skin the winter care it craves by adjusting your beauty routine when the weather changes. Proper winter skin care and makeup choices can help you emerge more radiant come springtime, so change out that beauty cabinet just as you would your wardrobe. Trust us!



Aveda Makeup Artist Taylor Hanson recommends keeping your products as tidy as possible. This includes brushes! She washes any brushes used for liquid makeup, like tinted moisturizer and concealer, each night. They apply product much more smoothly when clean — and it keeps them sanitary, as well. Give those brushes some love.

Be sure to replace products regularly. We recommend swapping out daily essentials like Mosscara when the seasons change; it’s an easy reminder that you’re due for a fresh tube. If anything has a noticeably different odor or change in texture, it’s time to replace it.



A beautiful makeup look needs a fresh, hydrated canvas, so start with caring for your face first. “I see a lot of dry skin in Minnesota, but it doubles in the winter,” says Taylor, who shares a home base with our HQ. “I always sleep in the Renewing Lip Treatment!”

Global Artistic Director for Makeup Janell Geason also recommends using the Nourish-Mint Renewing Lip Treatment if you’re experiencing dry lips. It’s a colorless treatment that moisturizes and reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines — a must whether you’re wearing a bright lip or going au naturale.




Aveda Artist Anne Skubis doesn’t live in a wintry climate, but even those in a more arid area need to make a few adjustments when the seasons change. “Since the heat comes on, the skin will need more moisture!” she says. “Swap your powder foundation for tinted moisturizer plus translucent powder to keep dry skin looking fresh. If you’re already using tinted moisturizer and noticing a need for even more, amp it up by prepping with Tulas?ra Renew Morning Crème or Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Rich Crème.” 

Another important swap? Make sure your foundation matches your skin! “The shade you need in your complexion products my shift a little when spending more time indoors, so go to the salon or your Aveda store and make sure you’re still the right match for your concealer and foundation.”

With these simple winter beauty tips and swaps, you’ll be ready to put your best face forward even in the coldest days of winter.