JULY 2018 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS: "Tell Us Your Story & Win!"

The month of July sizzled with more than just summer sun at the Aveda Institutes in Calgary, Toronto and Winnipeg, where our national contest offered a full-tuition scholarship to prospective students at each school- and oh my, was this competition a hot one!

We were overwhelmed with the creative and passionate responses we received, as inspirational stories of personal and professional growth and ambition for the future flooded our inbox. After much consideration, we are so thrilled to present our 2018 scholarship winners! Read their stories below and feel the love!

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 Tell us a little bit about yourself.

LS: I moved to Calgary from Vancouver this past winter and love what the city has to offer so far! While embracing the transition between the two cities, I decided it was time to make a bigger change and pursue a passion I have had since I was a little girl. I am incredibly excited to begin my journey at Aveda.   

What are you most excited about regarding your journey into hairstyling?

LS: I am most excited about inspiring my clients to feel more confident and beautiful. To have the power to positively influence the way that someone feels about themselves, through an expression of my passion and creativity, is an unbelievably rewarding and exciting feeling. If I can continuously accomplish that, I will feel like I am succeeding.

What is your strongest aspiration in the industry?

LS: I have always loved and admired the creativity that goes into being a colour specialist! That is my short-mid term goal and my long-term goal is to own a salon. 

What thoughts or emotions did you feel when you first heard that you won the contest?

LS: I cried! I could not believe that I won the scholarship. I was ecstatic, overwhelmed and truly felt incredibly lucky. 

What is some advice you would give to someone who is hesitant to follow their dreams?

LS: Up until a few months ago, I was that person. For a long time, I ignored the idea that my passion could be my career. The truth is, the unknown is intimidating and the fear of failure can get in the way of taking that leap of faith to pursue your dreams - especially if, like me, you are someone who has worked hard for the life/career you currently have. I began to realize that life is too short and if I didn't challenge myself to pursue my passion now, I would regret it. At the end of the day, I would rather fail and know I tried than not try at all. The first step was the hardest and now I have never felt better and am so excited to begin my hairstyling journey!

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winner: dylan beeson


What you’re most excited about winning the scholarship

DB: I'm excited to be a part of a hair school with a legacy; an institute that routinely graduates students with exemplary skills in hairstyling. The scholarship allows me to focus entirely on my education, and not worry about money. I view it as a "hand-up" and not a "hand out". 

 Your 5-year plan for hairstyling.

DB: Complete the program and begin an apprenticeship in a salon. Possibly continue my education with Aveda through their Academy program. By the end of five years, hopefully, be working as a hair stylist within the entertainment industry. Photo shoots, film/television, commercials, advertising. 

Krista Morris - AIW Contest Winner[1].jpg


Winner: Krista morris


What are you MOST excited about when it comes to starting your career at the Aveda Institute?

KM:  The world is about adventure and I am about to begin one of the biggest adventures of my life by starting my career! I cannot wait! See you in September!