As a student at the Aveda Institutes or Academy Salons Canada, you will have access to the ground-breaking digital curriculum we call Learn Aveda.

1. Learn How – Posture & Longevity — Encourages proper ergonomics for career longevity

2. Learn Now – 24/7 Access — Gives every student ownership of their learning process

3. Learn Faster – Innovative Technology — To accelerate the learning process

4. Learn & Master – Creative Consistency — Consistent delivery of lessons + practice = mastery

The Aveda Digital Cut Curriculum will revolutionize how we learn to cut hair. This program was designed by the industry's most successful hair stylists to allow learners to have access to their own personal educators through this state-of-the-art digital platform and technology. Learners will have access to educational tools anywhere, anytime and will be able to have full control of accelerating at their own pace. Learn Aveda's ergonomic and yoga-inspired hand and body positioning to increase longevity in the industry and preserve the body.

It's the future of education and it's exclusive to the Aveda Network

Introducing Aveda¹s new, powerful and revolutionary educational program: Learn Aveda. Learn Aveda offers full 24/7 access to a complete educational program that enables you to accelerate your technical skill development in a self-paced learning environment.