We like people who ask questions; it’s one of the qualities that has made us a pioneering brand with exceptional educators! We want you to have all the information you need to make the best decision for your future. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from potential students just like you! Click the button below when you're ready to take on the next step!



•    Q: Will I gain event experience, such as, fashion shows, launches, charity events?

Yes! Aveda Institute students may have the opportunity to participate in several exciting and educational opportunities including the Edwin Neill II Full Potential Student Competition, NAHA Awards, Earth Month Events, Community Events, and Job Fairs.

·         Q: Are your schools wheelchair accessible?

Yes! However, due to the heritage status of our buildings, the upper floors are stair-access only - there are no elevators. Please contact us in advance regarding any accessibility questions or concerns, which we will make every attempt to accommodate!



•    Q: Is Financial Aid available? What sort of aid is available to me?

Students who are accepted into our program are eligible to apply for financial aid programs. Make an appointment with our Admissions team to find out more about how to get started.

•    Q: Are you an accredited school? What does that mean?

Yes! The Aveda Institutes programs in Calgary, Toronto and Winnipeg are each accredited by their province’s private career college governing bodies. Accreditation means that a school has met national standards of educational performance that have been established by an impartial non-governmental agency. The accrediting of schools by professional, national, and regional associations of like schools (schools with similar objectives and subject content) has long characterized the Canadian educational scene. Through the years, the accreditation of schools has become the most authoritative and reliable index of a school’s concern for integrity toward its students and the quality of its education. If you are considering more than one hair school, be sure to ask each institution whether they are accredited. This is important because accreditation makes it possible for students to apply for government funded financial aid.



•    Q: What differentiates Aveda from all the other product lines out there?

The art and science of pure flower and plant essences is the core of Aveda. Our beauty products are alive with the life force of plants, and contain pure essential oils. Our solutions are so powerful we call them purescriptions™. While we specialize in hair care, we offer other plant-based products—skin care, makeup, pure-fume™, aromas and lifestyle—that are all professionally developed, clinically tested, and go to exceptional lengths to be respectful of the earth. Our professional network, consisting of nearly 8,000 salons and spas worldwide, shares this commitment. Since the founding of Aveda by hairdresser Horst Rechelbacher in 1978, our products have been harvested with a great respect for the earth, in harmony with the web of life.

•    Q: What Is Aveda?

Aveda is a global, environmentally innovative company founded in 1978 and is widely recognized as a trail-blazing brand of nature-based products for hair, skin, body and well-being. Beyond our reputation for retail excellence, we are acclaimed for our salon/spa network—made up of like-minded industry trendsetters, award-winners, and educators, supported at every step of their creative and business growth.

“Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.”
– Horst Rechelbacher



Q: What makes Aveda different from other hair schools?

You have a lot of choices out there, but the experience you will gain from Aveda Institutes Canada’s education is like no other. With Aveda methods behind everything we do, our students enter the industry with the necessary technical and professional skills. In fact, we often hear from salon owners that our new graduates surpass their more experienced service providers with other training backgrounds.

Q: Why get an Aveda education?

The Aveda difference is our holistic vision of what it means to be successful. More than just teaching in hair cutting, colour and styling techniques, our unique, salon-like environment puts you behind the chair in direct contact with clients, for personal and practical experience. We impart real-world retail and business skills, and strategic insights that help you find—and take advantage of—the tremendous opportunities in beauty and wellness.



Q: What is the job placement rate after graduation?

The Aveda Institutes Canada placement rate is 95% percent nationally. We have a highly communicative and constantly growing network of Aveda salons and spas that line up at the door waiting for our students to graduate. As part of helping our students feel confident and prepared, we offer resume writing classes, salon career fairs and teach professional communication techniques. When they graduate, our students are the MOST salon-ready that they can possibly be.

Q: Are you hiring right now? What positions are available?

Please see the Work With Us page for current opportunities with the Aveda Institutes Canada!

Q: Do you help with job placement?

The Aveda Institutes Canada are connected with salons, spas, and Aveda Experience Centers nationwide. We will help you gain the knowledge you need with career fairs and self-promotional instruction. The Institute’s curriculum includes training on professionalism, resume development, interview preparation, and job search skills. In addition, the Admissions and Placement Coordinator is available for individual appointments with students to discuss job searching, interview preparation, and to review students’ resumes.

Q: Are my learned skills transferable to other non-Aveda lines?

Yes! Although Aveda has its own special techniques within the basic technical skills, the Aveda Institute stands out for the way our students incorporate value-added services in making every guest’s experience a part of their training. Aveda teaches students how going above and beyond a basic requirements will help grow their business once graduated, providing them the essential technical skills as well as those “critical to success” soft skills.

Q: What kind of job opportunities are available in the field?

Career opportunities include the following:

Salon Industry

  • hair stylist

  • sales representative

  • texture specialist

  • hair coloring specialist

  • salon/spa manager

  • salon/spa owner

Education and Other Fields

  • instructor

  • educational director for a product manufacturer

  • consultant/trainer

  • school owner

  • stylist for film, theater, fashion, or print

  • product development Programs

Q: How long does the program take to complete?

Please see the Program Details and Requirements page for specific program details!  In Canada, each province has different requirements in regards to the number of hours required to complete a diploma in hairstyling. The Aveda Institute program is designed to offer the same curriculum in slightly different structures to help students feel the most prepared, regardless of the difference in the lengths of the programs per location.

Q: Do you use computers or tablets in class?

Yes - a tablet is required for the Aveda Institute program! In today’s growing digital landscape, the Aveda Institutes Canada are hair styling education pioneers. We are excited to offer cutting edge digital curriculum and an online learning management system to make sure our students have access to what they are learning 24-7. During the Career Planning Session, our Admissions team will provide you with tablet specifications so you are able to find an affordable device that fits your educational needs long before you start school. Please see the Why Aveda? page for more information on our cutting edge curriculum.

Q: What are the requirements to get in to Aveda Institute? How do I apply?

Please see the Program Details and Requirements, and the How To Apply pages section for specific details. 

Q: What is your class schedule?

Please see the Program Details & Requirements section for specific details.

Q: How much does tuition cost? Are there additional costs for student tool kits?

Please see our Program Details & Requirements page for prices, and the Financial Aid page for more information on financial assistance options. 

Financial preparation is very important when it comes to your education, and will be discussed in detail in your Career Planning Session with our Admissions team. We want to help you make the best investment in yourself and your future!

Q: Do you offer makeup, esthetics or massage courses?

At our schools in Calgary, Toronto, and Winnipeg we have focused education in Hairstyling only, as it is the in-demand trade in the beauty industry! It's much easier to build on a foundation of hairdressing skills than any other skill set it the beauty industry.